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From the beginning

We recognize the value of continually challenging industry tolerances, standards and practices, pushing the extrusion process to new and exciting possibilities. We are determined to provide our customers with creative design solutions never before available in the world of product manufacturing. This continuous drive to push manufacturing limits and boundaries laid a solid foundation and allowed Alexandria Industries to grow into the innovative leader it is today.


Alexandria Extrusion Company Established

Alexandria Extrusion Company was established in 1966. Soon after opening our business, we began offering value-added services, such as machining, fabrication, anodizing and assembly to our aluminum extrusion capabilities. We strategically planned each step along the way with our customers' benefits in mind.

Through the relentless pursuit to satisfy our customers and solve their supply chain challenges, we continued to add complimentary services that now include plastic injection and foam molding, and welding. Always keeping top of mind our customers' needs, we built a foundation for what we are known as today, Alexandria Industries, a short lead-time producer of engineered products.

Doege Precision Machining, Inc. Established

Since 1972, Doege Precision Machining has provided precision CNC milling, turning, honing, and assembly services, using a wide variety of materials and shapes. These services included full engineering and manufacturing support during new product development, including casting, forging and extrusion design. From design to prototypes through high volume production, Doege Precision Machining has always been a true partner and a valuable resource. In 2008, Doege Precision Machining joined the list of Alexandria Industries companies and today operates under the name Alexandria Precision Machining.

M&M Metals Established

As an innovative supplier of heat sinks, custom-fabricated aluminum extrusions and machined prototypes, M&M Metals has served countless electronics manufacturers since 1974. Later, it developed into a global supplier of advanced engineering support for thermal application designs, short run orders, and timely deliveries of stocked common profile configurations for high volume production requirements. M&M Metals is now Alexandria Extrusion South, a division of Alexandria Industries.

Wheaton Plastics Established

With many years of product development experience, Wheaton Plastics gained valuable process knowledge and an excellent understanding of how to choose the most effective material composition for plastic injection and foam molded products. The company now operates under the name Alexandria Plastics, a division of Alexandria Industries.

Alexandria Plastics Strategic Alliance

As we interviewed our customers, we learned that they were searching for a supplier with injection molding capabilities to enhance the quality, support and services. In 2007, we established an alliance with Wheaton Plastics, now Alexandria Plastics, to provide our customers with the opportunity to supply their diverse product needs through a single source.

Alexandria Finishing Formed

With a continued focus on going the extra mile for our customers and meeting more of their supply chain needs beyond aluminum extrusions and precision machining, we created Alexandria Finishing in 2007. Metal finishing at Alexandria Industries allows for reduced quality and supplier relationship issues, as well as lowering the opportunity of freight damage and overall costs for shipping charges. We offer mechanical surface finishing, anodizing, and our unique ExtremEtch™ finish, along with painting, plating and heat treating. A single call to any of the Alexandria Industries businesses provides access to a collective scope of services and products, simplifying our customers' supply chain management.

Acquired Doege Precision Machining and M&M Metals

We acquired Doege Precision Machining and M&M Metals to further consolidate our services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. A single call to any of the Alexandria Industries businesses provides access to a collective scope of services and products, simplifying their supply chain management.

Our Vision

We are driven by the needs of our customers, and we are happy to offer our services as Alexandria Industries. We trust that you will be thrilled with our range of capabilities and the mutually rewarding partnerships we have with our customers and our divisions.

Establishing Alexandria Industries

Providing the best service to our customers drives us to a new era at Alexandria Industries. Before 2012, each facility operated independently, providing manufacturing services to their customers. We have since realigned our operations and simplified our ordering process. With one phone call, you can get information on our different services, place your order and receive your products from Alexandria Industries—no matter which facility manufactures them.

Our skilled staff works closely with you on projects and ensures that everything is exactly what you need. Our goal is to provide customers with the best service and products, and that is exactly what we intend to do. We are no longer Alexandria Extrusion, M&M Metals, Alexandria Precision Machining, Alexandria Finishing, or Alexandria Plastics, to our customers. We are Alexandria Industries, and you will receive everything you need with one call.

Alexandria Welding

On May 1, 1972, Alexandria Welding & Manufacturing Co. opened for business in west-central Minnesota. Alexandria Industries purchased the company in 2012, adding tungsten inert gas (TIG) and metal inert gas (MIG) welding, expanding our services to help customers further simplify their supply chain needs. For OEMs who struggle to find welding services, our expert welders can meet quick-turn, overruns and small to large quantity production orders.

MidAmerica Extrusions Acquisition

For more than 50 years, the amazing employees of MidAmerica Extrusions have produced quality aluminum extrusions for their customers. By joining our team, their services now expand Alexandria Industries' extrusion capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. We are happy to provide a wider portfolio of products and services for all of our customers.

As integral parts of Alexandria Industries, each of our businesses – Alexandria Extrusion (MN, IN, TX), Alexandria Finishing, Alexandria Plastics, Alexandria Precision Machining – provide a valuable dynamic to the expansive list of products and services we offer our customers.