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Just a Few of our Experts

EXTRUSION EXPERTS Individuals relied upon to produce the best aluminum extrusions available in the industry.

QUICK RESPONSE MANUFACTURING (QRM) EXPERTS Individuals who are trained in QRM. They focus on making sure that we do whatever we can to reduce our customers' lead times. They also take the time to share what we have learned as we became a Quick Response Manufacturing facility. These individuals also take part in many speaking opportunities to share the vision and benefits of this innovative manufacturing practice.

CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERTS Each one is driven to understand your needs. Our customer service staff have the authority to change processes, and make things happen to keep you in supply.

SCHEDULING EXPERTS – Manufacturing a high-volume/high-mix range of components using multiple processes creates a challenge for scheduling. Our staff does an amazing job scheduling each of these activities to make sure that your products are delivered to your door in a timeframe you can count on.

SALES EXPERTS Our sales representatives provide product manufacturing solutions based on customer needs, not on the services we offer.

QUALITY EXPERTS If there is an issue with your product, you will have our full attention and promise that we will provide a resolution in the fastest timeframe possible. Our quality staff takes this personally, and you can rest assured any quality issues are taken seriously.

MACHINING EXPERTS These experts know what is possible. They know the best way to do things. They know where there is flexibility and areas for improvements. They know about machining a variety of materials and which machines are the best for your product requirements. And they always look for areas where we can be efficient.

FINISHING EXPERTS These experts serve on many industry committees and have a forward-looking mindset to find new ways to produce new finishing options for our customers.

BENDING AND STRETCH FORMING EXPERTS – Our experts know how to keep precise tolerances in your products that require bending and stretch forming. Stretch forming is a relatively unique service we provide, and we do it well.

ASSEMBLY EXPERTS – We have experts who specialize in assembly efficiencies, and have a great understanding of producing high quality multi-component assemblies for our customers. From items with as few as three pieces to as many as 144, we can efficiently handle your assembly needs.

"Alexandria Industries has met all requirements we have requested. All the personnel we have dealt with have been very accommodating and professional. You have an understanding of what our product demands are and has sought to meet all of them. Keep up the good work!"

Commodity Purchasing Leader
Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Manufacturer