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As critical as breathing.

If you've ever wondered about how your current supplier does things, it's time to give us a call to see if we can help. Then again, even if you think they do a fairly good job, it may be time to see how we can improve your satisfaction...and even your product.

Have you considered?

  • A different alloy for your aluminum extrusion?
  • A casting instead of an extrusion?
  • Sourcing the assembly of your components instead of doing it in-house?
  • Designing a hinge function to connect your two components?
  • Reducing material weight while keeping the structural integrity of your part?

Regular Product Review

We take the time to reevaluate the products we manufacture periodically to continually improve our processes, and more importantly, your products. If you are not having communication with your supplier regularly, you may have selected the wrong one.

Solutions for YOUR NEEDS

Our sales team is trained to specifically look at your products and help you determine the best possible manufacturing solution to meet your product development needs. They are not looking for ways just to incorporate an extrusion into your design or to offer another manufacturing service we offer. With an open mind and an objective point of view, they use a collaborative approach to look at all the possible solutions to meet your product development needs. If the solution is a product or service we offer, that is a plus for us.

Sought Out by Others

Our aluminum billet suppliers look to Alexandria Industries to test new alloys. Equipment manufacturers look to us to test newly designed equipment. Alexandria Industries is frequently contacted by patented product developers and attorneys as a resource to build prototypes to prove out their designs, and manage their manufacturing requirements.

Our Firsts

  • First extruder to be ISO 9002 certified
  • First to implement robotics in low-volume machining cells
  • First to patent auto-deburring machining
  • First to patent a water resistant hinging design
  • Only Quick Response Manufacturing aluminum extruder
  • Stay tuned, we promise this list will continue to grow

There's one more thing we think you should know. Our competition keeps a pulse on what is happening at Alexandria Industries. This tells us two things.

  • We are leading the way for others to follow.
  • Customers who partner with Alexandria Industries will be a step ahead of their competitors.

If you are considering an innovative manufacturing partner you can find value in, give us a call today. We would be happy to review your products to determine if there are things we can do to improve on them, or on the services you may need.

"When we have new products, we always want them on the sooner side. Alexandria does a great job of assisting us with design and delivery."

Senior R&D Leader
Linear Motion Product Manufacturer