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Our QRM Journey

We began implementing QRM in 2004, and have since fully implemented this new way of doing business at our Alexandria Extrusion facility in Alexandria, Minn., in 2007. As our business evolves, we continue to implement QRM and its principles at all of our other facilities.

As we continue on the QRM journey at our other facilities, we expect our shorter lead-times and other dynamic results to be similar, if not greater, then we initially experienced in Alexandria.

QRM Implementation History

2004 - 2007 Alexandria Extrusion Company
2009 - Today Alexandria Precision Machining facility
2009 - Today Alexandria Finishing facility
2009 - Today Alexandria Extrusion South facility
2010 - Today Alexandria Plastics facility
2012 - Today Alexandria Extrusion MidAmerica facility

An important piece to QRM Implementation

QROC (Quick Response Office Cell) Implementation of QRM is more than just changing the way manufacturing process happens, it also includes our office environment. Our dramatic reduction of lead time is associated with our implementation of QROCs. This is a closed-loop, collocated, multi-functional team responsible for a family of products.

QROC principles:
  • Find new ways of completing a job, with the primary focus on minimizing lead-time.
  • Measure the reduction of lead-times and make it a key performance indicator.
  • Office cells replace existing departmentalized structure.
  • QROC members have opportunities make change happen.
  • QROC members have authority to make decisions and solve problems.

To learn more about how QRM can help you, feel free to contact Jeff Cypher at (320) 762-7666 or jcypher@alexandriaindustries.com. Or better yet, come and take a tour of Alexandria Industries. See for yourself how we have implemented QRM to better understand how it works.

"Alexandria Industries has supported us extremely well on the current transfer of our product. I am looking forward to the continued support."

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