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Engineering & Design

Early Involvement of Our Staff Creates the Freedom To Design

Recognizing the unique consumer and regulatory demands of the marketplace, we have assembled an experienced team of engineers, manufacturing specialists and market experts to work each discreet market in which Alexandria Industries has entered. Team members collaborate with you to optimize design flexibility and feature functionality. They help create solutions based on a part's essential functions and how it interacts and impacts other parts of the whole, as well as necessary aesthetic, durability and weight requirements.

You can rely on our experienced and accessible team to create solutions that not only meet or exceed marketplace expectations, but also deliver genuine cost savings through low initial tooling outlay, rapid and accurate prototyping, shortened manufacturing lead-times and a focus on continuous improvement and quality.

Three-dimensional modeling increases efficiency

Taking advantage of the latest three-dimensional modeling systems including SolidWorks, our engineers utilize model geometry to trouble-shoot designs, create fabrication tooling fixtures, order custom extrusion die stacks and program machining and inspection equipment.

During the design cycle, the use of technology makes it possible for real-time changes to be made with a minimum investment of both time and resources, ensuring that the working model meets your required tolerance and dimension specifications while also maximizing the design and flexibility benefits of the extrusion process.

Once your design has been finalized, it is shared electronically with other key players in our manufacturing process including the in-house fabrication tooling department and die room, along with our certified machinists and quality control specialists.

Accepted file formats include (.fldprt), (.igs), (.stp), (.slddrw), (.sldprt), (.sldasm), as well as (.dwg), (.drw), (.dxf), (.prt), (.ipt), .

Technical Guides

Below is a list of technical guides providing you important details as you consider aluminum extrusions as a solution to your product components. (Aluminum Extruders Council©)

Exit and Quench Temperature Data
Anodic Coating Designations
Designing with Aluminum Extrusions
Alloy Properties and Typical Tempers for Extrusions
Aluminum Extrusion Alloys: Number and Characteristics
Extrusion Alloy Characteristics and Applications
Standard Dimensional Tolerances

Other Engineering and Design Assistance

Our engineering and design staff is heavily involved with our tooling design. Whether you are in need of an extrusion die, or need another form of tooling, their early involvement assures you that the best decisions will be made to make the best products.

We are here to help. Take a look at the list of extrusion design tips. We hope they provide some value to those of you who are considering extrusions as a solution to your product needs.

"Engineering support during quote process was excellent. Other suppliers that quoted the same job talked about tolerances, but Alexandria was the only one to provide marked-up prints with specific tolerance. This was key to finishing the design and making the extrusion fit with mating components."

LED Component Engineering Manager
Leading Global LED Manufacturer