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Our Unique Finish – ExtremEtch™

ExtremEtch produces an evenly distributed matte coating, without sacrificing the high tolerance features needed to meet our customers' extrusion requirements. Benefits include, but are not limited to, the ability to hold the tightest tolerances and create the distinct matte finish.

Alexandria Industries introduced the ExtremEtch™ process to the aluminum extrusion marketplace, providing a unique advantage to our customers' product.

Advantages of ExtremEtch™

  1. Uniform finish
  2. Deep matte finish
  3. Minimal reflectivity levels
  4. Very low gloss reading levels
  5. Hides marks, scratches and abrasions
  6. Tolerance control with process repeatability
  7. Significant reduction of material removal
    • Threaded holes
    • Critical I.D. and O.D. dimension
  8. Minimized oxide coating thickness
  9. Greater wear resistance – Taber Abrasion Test (MIL-A-8625)
  10. Greater density
  11. Eliminates costly secondary mechanical finishing operations such as media blasting (e.g. Sand blast, Bead blast, Ceramic blast, Glass blast, etc.)
  12. Eliminates ghosting, a direct result of process variance and residues of media blasting

Visit our ExtremEtch white paper for more information on this process. If you would like samples for further inspection and/or testing, please contact us. We are eager to assist you in your transition to ExtremEtch.

"Alexandria Industries has been an outstanding vendor, with outstanding service. As a new buyer within our organization, I have found Alexandria's expertise and quick response time have been immensely valuable."

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