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Alexandria Industries Ben Diedrich aluminum extrusionBen Diedrich, General Manager
Alexandria Extrusion MidAmerica

As the general manager of Alexandria Industries’ Indianapolis, Ind., facility, Ben Diedrich is responsible for managing facility and equipment operations and overseeing employee well-being and safety. Diedrich joined Alexandria Industries more than 20 years ago. Most recently, he served as the Indianapolis plant manager and before then, he was extrusion press manager at our Alexandria, Minn., location.

Diedrich moved from Alexandria to Indianapolis to manage our press equipment upgrade and mentor facility employees. With his familiarity with our customer products, challenge seeking nature, and servant leadership style, Ben takes ownership and responsibility for employee and customer satisfaction to a new level.

Ben works closely with our Indianapolis team to develop best practices for our manufacturing processes, optimize systems and train employees. His goal is to see our Indianapolis facility as a successful and contributing piece of the Alexandria Industries strategic plan.

Personal Highlights

Ben, his wife Heather, and daughter Danika, regularly volunteer at local food pantries and other charities such as the Arthritis Foundation. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, hosting backyard BBQ’s, friendly game-night competitions, and hunting and fishing when he is back in Minnesota. Ben believes it is important to help others by doing what you can when you are able; making sure we are supporting each other, our families and our community.

Contact Information

Ben Diedrich
General Manager, Alexandria Extrusion  MidAmerica
Phone: 317-545-1221 Ext 3628