Larger Extrusions

Ranges From 3.5-inches to 10-inches

We knew a larger press was something we needed to fit the requirements of our aluminum extrusion customers, so in June of 2012, we added Alexandria Extrusion MidAmerica to our list of facilities. This addition allowed us to expand our aluminum extrusion press capacity to include profiles up to 10 inches.

"Soon after the acquisition, we began implementing capital investments to optimize the equipment at our MidAmerica facility in Indianapolis," said Tom Welle, senior automation engineer.

While it took some time to manage many moving parts in the press equipment upgrades, the installation is complete. We upgraded the press hydraulics, controls, ePullers and quench system. This endeavor required more than six semi-truckloads of new equipment integrated into the existing extrusion line, and took eight different contractors and machine suppliers, along with several Alexandria Industries' personnel, more than three weeks to install the equipment and get our 10-inch extrusion press back online. Now that the equipment is running, we are in the final stages of optimizing the processes.

Thanks to all involved for their hard work and dedication!