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The Source

February 2019

Demand Innovation

Similar to many other manufacturers, Alexandria Industries has long been aware of and affected by the worker shortage. This trend will continue according to market predictions. The worker shortage was unmistakable recently when we experienced a significant increase in customer requests. Current ...

Doing Things Differently

In a previous customer newsletter, we shared information with you about the five things your annual forecast influences regarding Alexandria Industries. It is one of the most crucial pieces of information we need from you. Customer forecasts drive our business planning for the year. This includes...


Alexandria Industries announced that Jonathan D. Olson joined the company as its chief financial officer (CFO); former CFO Marc Illies has retired. Olson will serve the company and its employees by investing in helping them achieve their business, financial, and professional growth goals. We are ...

In The News

Modern Machine Shop magazine's March issue features Alexandria Industries. The story talks about the challenges we faced to cost-effectively integrate automation technology into our manufacturing processes and CNC machine tending. Read the article here.