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Alexandria Industries custom tooling falls under two categories—aluminum extrusion die tooling, and all other production tooling. Our experts bring many years of experience to their work, and, in turn, this allows us to bring great value to our customers' end products in both areas.

Extrusion Die Tools

The extrusion die shop brings a combined 228 years of die tool experience, facilitating the correction and maintenance of our close-tolerance extrusion profiles. This allows us to manufacture customer products to meet their precise design specifications.

We correct our dies based on detailed data obtained through video measuring, and CpK and capability studies. Inspecting and tracking die performance is key to setting us apart from others in the industry.

After merging our die shop and extrusion quality departments nearly 20 years ago, we are able to work hand-in-hand creating close-tolerance, industry leading aluminum extrusions. We rely on preventative maintenance and routinely clean and inspect our dies. This allows us to generate greater success rates and on-time deliveries to meet our customers component manufacturing needs.

Production Tools

Our team brings our customers 230 years combined of tooling experience. Each one of our toolmakers has an extensive skill set and a well-rounded ability to develop, build, and prove-out tools built around our customer requirements. They also develop production CNC processes to meet both Alexandria Industries' and our customers' specified capability requirements. Because we do this in-house, we are able to reduce your delivery time, and the lead stack-up time that sometimes comes with using outside suppliers.

Alexandria Industries creates CNC machining and fabrication tools, assembly jigs, specialized equipment, punch and welding tooling.

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