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Keys to Quality Custom Aluminum Extrusions

The best aluminum extruders require a true understanding of the end user's needs. Our high quality, certified aluminum materialsautomated extrusion presses, and Kevlar handling system, provide an ideal environment to develop precision custom aluminum extrusions and deliver what your customers need.

At Alexandria Industries, you will experience expert guidance, personalized service, quality manufacturing, and satisfaction that takes you beyond your highest expectations.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Customization begins with the best designs.

Alexandria Industries doesn't work this way. Even though we sometimes get push-back from customers, we will make sure your design tolerances are repeatable, the quality requirements are doable, and your final print has what's needed to deliver the best end-result.

More than 50 years of experience and technically skilled employees have led us to become known as a leader in our industry. Your time will be well spent learning about what Alexandria Industries is doing and why we pique the interest of our industry colleagues.

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