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Manufacturers who depend on a complex supply chain know that it is so much more than just getting products made and in the door. They know they need a supplier who offers services that fill in the gaps and round-out a versatile manufacturer-supplier relationship. 

Alexandria Industries' services go beyond machine up-time and product manufacturing. We have the expertise, qualifications and tools to ensure your products are made to specification and with the highest quality you deserve!

Besides adding credibility, these pieces define our commitment to the needs of our customers.

Why do it alone, when we have individuals waiting to help make your product the best it can be?

Maybe we share too much. Our customers have a leg-up on their competition because of their increased knowledge.

Price is important, but even more important is quality! Our commitment to high quality is something we take personally.

Is this a new manufacturing catch-phrase? No. It's the way we manufacture products with shorter lead times.

Tooling is key to repeatability. From extrusion dies to manufacturing fixtures to machine tools, our team understands the importance our tooling brings to product consistency.

The customer's needs sometimes require customized packaging. We offer this service to ensure your components are delivered exactly how you need them.

Our product manufacturing meets the latest guidelines in RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals and Latex.

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