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Sometimes quality policies and statements are just words. This is not the case at Alexandria Industries. Our customers, and even our competitors, know that we are committed to quality manufacturing, while supplying complex custom components with high volume production requirements.

Our employees commit to doing great work and they understand if their work does not meet our manufacturing standards, they are held accountable.

We are not only proud of our extremely low return rates, we are especially happy about earning premiere supplier status with some of our customers.

Quality Policy Statement

It is the policy of Alexandria Industries to honor the commitments we make to customers in all aspects of our relationships. We are bound by these commitments to meet or exceed our customers' expectations regarding:

Each of us at Alexandria Industries take personal ownership in doing whatever we can to meet our high manufacturing standards. We know that making your products right is not only key to our success, but yours as well. You can rest assured that we will deliver excellent products to your door.

Call us today to add Alexandria Industries to your list of suppliers. Changing suppliers is never easy. But you can be confident in knowing this one change can be beneficial to your success.

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