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At Alexandria Industries, we create product manufacturing solutions to make components for our customers that go into products that people see and use every day.

With the right combination of advanced manufacturing technology,  engineering services, market expertise, and a skilled workforce, we help our customers create product development solutions that are second to none.

People Making a Difference

"People making a difference" is more than a marketing tagline. It is at the core of our values and beliefs, and, we believe, critical to our continued success.

While embracing the boundless benefits of advanced technology, we know—and our customers affirm—that the most valuable resource we provide is a high quality and continually trained workforce. From our one-of-a-kind certified extruder program, to process control and leadership training, our in-house trainers provide employees access to the best educational resources available. Our commitment to continuous improvement and providing our customers with the highest quality service, plays out every day on every project as our people go the extra mile to make a difference.

Purpose Statement:

People making a difference by providing innovative manufacturing solutions to create a safer, healthier, happier, and more productive world for our families, customers, and communities.

Five simple values, make us who we are. They define how we go about our work together.

Being a leader at Alexandria Industries means serving others.

Alexandria Industries has five locations—two in Alexandria, Minn., and one each in Wheaton, Minn., Indianapolis, Ind., and Carrollton, Texas.

Believing and living by the principles of Servant Leadership, our leadership team is guided by the needs of those they serve—our customers, colleagues, industry partners, communities, families and God.

We put Bibles in our boardroom, relying on our faith in God for His guidance, direction and wisdom.

We are always searching for ways we can create a better future.

We believe our #1 asset is our employees.  That is why we make safety the priority in everything we do.

It's where we live. It's important for us to support these communities whenever we can.

Fifty years isn't something we take for granted. We have graciously grown by pushing boundaries in creating products and trustworthy relationships each and every day.

Not the same as an actual visit, but you can at least get a peek at what it's like at Alexandria Industries.