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To serve as a leader in the manufacturing sector, it is critical that Alexandria Industries share news that is important to our customers and industry partners. The articles below – featured in national, regional, local, business and trade media – offer expert, third-party insight into industry trends and issues.

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  • Manufacturers and design engineers discover new ways to create innovative product development solutions
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  • Change the beliefs people may have about working in manufacturing to help fill the skills gap

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2021 Fishing For the Cure Ice Fishing Tournament Cancelled

Fishing For the Cure Website | December 31, 2020
Alexandria Industries Fishing For the Cure Ice Fishing Tournament

It is with the heaviest of hearts we announce the cancellation of the 2021 Fishing For the Cure Ice Fishing Challenge.

BUT... CANCER DOESN'T STOP! Even for a pandemic! So, we won't stop donating to this fight either! We hope those who are able, will consider donating what you would normally spend at the tournament to the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life.

Watch for news for our 2022 event! We can't wait to make the 15th annual tournament BETTER THAN EVER!

We look forward to seeing everyone in 2022!

Nancy Waldorf and Robbie Betterman

Supplier Financial Health Check Part III: Now is the time for manufacturers to reshore

The FABRICATOR | June 29, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on many manufacturers’ supply chains as global borders closed and shipments slowed. Now that U.S. consumers are realizing the true value of domestically manufactured products, OEMs have the opportunity to reshore their products with U.S. suppliers while also attracting consumers looking for U.S.-made goods. This article is part of a three-part series about checking your supplier's business health. Part I: Supplier financial health check, Part 1: Manufacturers must be careful during COVID-19 crisis. Part II: Supplier financial health check, Part II: Supply chain clairvoyance a must for manufacturers.

Supplier Financial Health Check, Part II: Supply Chain Clairvoyance a Must for Manufacturers

The FABRICATOR | June 23, 2020
Alexandria Industries, aluminum extrusion, aluminum extruder, machining, fabricating

The manufacturing supply chain will continue to evolve during and after the coronavirus pandemic. Now is the perfect time for manufacturers to evaluate suppliers to ensure they can meet production needs when COVID-19 has passed. This article is part of a three-part series about checking your supplier's business health. See Part I here: Supplier financial health check, Part 1: Manufacturers must be careful during COVID-19 crisis.

Supplier Financial Health Check, Part 1: Manufacturers Must be Careful During COVID-19 Crisis

The FABRICATOR | May 29, 2020

COVID-19 has exposed weak links in the global supply chain, and product manufacturers are taking notice. As the virus runs its course, many manufacturers will likely have suppliers that do not survive. Being confident in your suppliers’ stability needs to be more than a gut-check today. You will need to dig in and conduct your due diligence to understand your suppliers’ financial health and ensure they will be there when you need them.

New Press to Increase Capacity by 30% — Interview with Steve Schabel, Alexandria Industries

Light Metal Age | January 20, 2020

Light Metal Age magazine features an in-depth Q&A with Steve Schabel, chief sales and marketing officer, for Alexandria Industries. The article appears in the magazine’s new series: Top Extruders in North America. The information covers our current business, keys to success, target markets, new extrusion press and building addition, and more.

Shortage of workers continues to affect job growth in Minnesota

Star Tribune | September 20, 2019

The state added 1,100 jobs, with unemployment rate falling to 3.3%, in August. Minnesota managed to end August with more jobs, but a continued shortage of workers mixed with myriad other economic concerns continue to affect job growth in the state.

Why US Firms are Desperate to Retain Ageing Workers

BBC | August 20, 2019
Alexandria Industries aluminum extrusion die profile

After almost five decades manufacturing industrial products for such diverse industries as solar power and defence, the company could ill-afford to lose Mr Klug's expertise.

Like a number of US states, Minnesota has a labour shortage – specifically a skills shortage – and seeing his valuable experience disappear overnight would have left Alexandria's management with big shoes to fill.

According to the US Department of Labor, since March 2018 US monthly job vacancies have outnumbered unemployed job seekers. As the baby boomers reach retirement, it seems there are not enough millennials in the jobs pipeline ready to step in.

Who Wants to Work in Manufacturing?

Twin Cities Business | March 1, 2019
twin cities business, alexandria industries, help wanted, aluminum extrusion, manufacturing, skills gap, machining, students, middle school

Who Wants to work in Manufacturing? Alexandria Industries, along with other leading Minnesota manufacturers, were included in the March 2019 issue of Twin Cities Business feature story about the lack of employees to hire and what some companies and educators are doing to fill the skills gap.

If at First Your CNC Machine Shop Doesn't Succeed with Robots, Automate Again

Modern Machine Shop | March 1, 2019
modern machine shop, alexandria industries, cnc machining, cnc machine tending, aluminum extrusion

An Automation Comeback Story Modern Machine Shop magazine features Alexandria Industries in its March 2019 cover story: If at First Your CNC Machine Shop Doesn't Succeed with Robots, Automate Again. The story, written by Executive Editor Derek Korn, shares the evolution of our use of robotics and automation technology for CNC machine tending. It begins with our first robot, Rosie, and goes through to where we are today on our robotics journey. Korn visited our Alexandria, Minn., extrusion, fabrication and machining facility in late 2018.


Echo Press | February 10, 2019
alexandria industries fishing for the cure

The 13th Annual Alexandria Industries Fishing For the Cure ice fishing tournament is slated for Saturday, Feb. 16. The tourney will take place from noon to 3 p.m. on Smith Lake, between Nelson and Carlos. Prizes will be awarded for the top 100 fish by weight. However, organizers of the annual event said that beyond the prizes and of course, bragging rights for catching the biggest fish, the tournament is hands down a great way to enjoy being on the ice with family and friends. And it is all for a great cause.