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To serve as a leader in the manufacturing sector, it is critical that Alexandria Industries share news that is important to our customers and industry partners. The articles below – featured in national, regional, local, business and trade media – offer expert, third-party insight into industry trends and issues.

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  • Manufacturers and design engineers discover new ways to create innovative product development solutions
  • Educate customers about industry issues
  • Develop our future leaders
  • Change the beliefs people may have about working in manufacturing to help fill the skills gap

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Not So Heavy Metal Tour Hits Alexandria

Echo Press© | October 7, 2015

The annual statewide Tour of Manufacturing running through October featured Alexandria Industries’ Not So Heavy Metal Tour on Saturday morning.

Alexandria Industries’ director of organizational development Lynette Kluver stated that this tour functions to highlight manufacturing careers within the community via local businesses and the Alexandria Technical and Community College.

Part of this event’s goal is to inform the public on several misconceptions of manufacturing as a profession.

The Extruded Road Not Taken

Medical Design Technology© | October 1, 2015

Gordon Knott, medical market leader with Alexandria Industries, said, "People often forget that aluminum extrusions can provide improved mechanical properties over castings when comparing the same alloy, including decreased porosity, greater resistance, and ductility, as well as other strength characteristics. Extrusion tooling brings a more cost-effective solution compared to casting, forging, and injection molding. Due to the ability to make near-net shape components, aluminum extrusion can reduce the number of overall components and the need for additional manufacturing processes.

Alexandria Industries Among Rural Minnesota Businesses Short on Workers

Star Tribune© | September 28, 2015

Good news at Alexandria Industries in Douglas County, the heart of the Minnesota manufacturing mecca.

The aluminum fabrication company, which employs 480 in the Alexandria area, is investing several million dollars to expand its production and warehouse space.

The bad news: The privately held firm, which has long surpassed pre-recession revenue and employment levels, is struggling to fill the 50 jobs that are open or anticipated over the next six months at $15 to $30 an hour, plus benefits.

Robots on the Job

Enterprise Minnesota Magazine© | September 1, 2015

Automation in manufacturing is here to stay, and two Minnesota firms are using robotics with great success.

Business-Education Partnership Works in Alexandria, Minn.

Echo Press© | July 22, 2015

Alexandria, Minn., has a strong business/education partnership that can serve as a model for other communities.

That’s what Al Sholts, chief operating officer of Alexandria Industries, and Laura Urban, president of the Alexandria Technical and Community College (ATCC) told the Civic Caucus in an interview released last week.

Things to Consider When Selecting an Aluminum Extrusion Supplier

North American Clean Energy© | July 1, 2015

As the solar market continues to grow, managing logistics and supply chains are essential in order to stay competitive. Working with suppliers, including aluminum-extruded racking system suppliers, can add value beyond the cost of parts, help reduce risk, keep construction timelines on schedule, and improve site installation quality.

Building a Manufacturing Workforce

The FABRICATOR© | July 1, 2015

Alexandria Industries, a producer and fabricator of aluminum extrusions in Alexandria, Minn., recognized the need to get involved in the local school district to boost the image of manufacturing in the eyes of students. But it didn't just volunteer to send over speakers. It heavily influenced the curriculum at the new high school and donated new manufacturing technology.

Aluminum Extrusion Increases Options to Optimize the Supply Chain, Part 2

DesignNews© | May 14, 2015

Extruded aluminum continues to gain traction as a mainstream OEM choice for designing, engineering, and producing component parts. The alloy and the technique have marched aggressively through the awareness and understanding phases and are now solidly in adoption territory. Frequently, aluminum extrusion is an institutionalized supply chain strategy for optimizing design and engineering, reducing manufacturing costs, and accelerating time to market.

Aluminum Extrusion Increases Options to Optimize the Supply Chain, Part 1

DesignNews© | April 29, 2015

A vertically integrated aluminum extrusion supplier that provides in-house design and engineering can assist with OEM product development, creating opportunities to innovate on quality, precision, functionality, and performance, while optimizing manufacturability that lowers total cost and compresses lead-time.

Robots Help Fill Gaps in Minnesota's Workforce

Minnesota Public Radio© | April 21, 2015

Alexandria Industries has more than a decade of experience with robots. The company, which makes aluminum parts for everything from medical equipment to military rifles, is a much bigger business.