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Workforce Training is Job One

Business Facilities Magazine© | March 1, 2015

Workforce development is one of the top issues facing U.S. manufacturers and many other industries today. Believe it or not, the United States has a shortage of skilled workers—preparing a workforce with the advanced skills required in the 21st century is Job One in the competition for new projects.

Strengthening Your Solar Supply Chain

Solar Builder Magazine© | February 1, 2015

Selecting the highest value aluminum extrusion racking and support systems supplier.

Things You Should Know About Aluminum Extruded Medical Components

Design-2-Part Magazine© | February 1, 2015

Company representatives from Alexandria Industries are quick to point out the advantages that aluminum offers medical device OEMs over other materials that they might be considering for their components. With proper finishing, including anodizing and hardcoating, they say, aluminum products are less porous and cleaner than stainless steel. And the inert chemical compounds in aluminum, combined with proper finishing, are said to help prevent corrosion and chemical absorption – a major key to preventing contamination and easing the cleaning process in medical care applications.

Internal Development

Enterprise Minnesota Magazine© | February 1, 2015

Alexandria Industries uses its ambitious in-house Leadership Academy to accommodate growth and plan for succession.

5 Ways to Evaluate Aluminum Extrusion for Wider Application

DesignNews© | January 27, 2015

Since appearing on the automotive scene in 1899, aluminum has taken a somewhat leisurely route to establish itself as "the manufacturing material of the future." Ford Motor Company kicked off the material's belated coming-out party with production of its 2015 F150 truck body and bed components that are 97 percent aluminum alloys.

After more than a century of progressively more mainstream application of aluminum – enabled by continual processing, fabrication and alloys innovations – the material seems to have (finally) arrived.

Four Questions with Alexandria Industries' CEO Tom Schabel

Enterprise Minnesota Magazine© | December 1, 2014

Tom Schabel discusses why Alexandria Industries' leadership created and implemented a values policy for company.

Revitalizing Product Development with Aluminum Extrusions

Medical Design Briefs© | November 1, 2014

Aluminum may be a better choice than stainless steel for some applications.

A Look at the U.S. Extrusions Industry

Aluminium International Today© | November 1, 2014

The North American aluminium extrusions market is currently on an upswing with construction starting to pick up just when the light metal is making inroads in the automotive market. The big question is whether there will be any supply bottlenecks as demand ramps up.

Influencing Manufacturing Careers at Alexandria Area High School

Precision Manufacturing© | September 1, 2014

Business leaders donate equipment, funds, and in-kind services, to introduce high school students to manufacturing careers.

10 Tips for Designing Medical Components with Aluminum

Product Design & Development© | July 1, 2014

Medical device OEMs are turning to aluminum instead of other more costly materials to manufacture both their new and existing components.