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Stretch Forming and Bending

One of the many fabrication services Alexandria Industries provides customers is precision stretch forming and bending of aluminum extrusions to create your product’s components.
Different methods of bending and stretch forming will deliver different results. We help customers understand these differences by educating them on the best bending or forming solution for their product. We do this while achieving some of our industry’s tightest tolerances.

Stretch Forming

Stretch forming aluminum extrusions is common for a variety of product applications.
Our fully programmable 32-ton stretch-former is capable of forming curved aluminum parts as long as 288 inches. If this solution meets your product development needs, contact us. We are happy to share as much information as you need to understand the value in our stretch forming capabilities.


From simple tube bending to more complex custom extrusion bending, our ability to provide curved or bent aluminum shapes is one way we provide you with even more value.
Our programmable rotary, push, twin head and 3-roll benders make it possible for us to provide uniquely formed extrusions that allow you to create innovative products.

Precision Stretch Forming and Bending

If our precision stretch forming and bending of aluminum extrusion sounds like a viable solution for your product development challenges, please contact us.

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We can help you get started and determine what your product solution might look like.

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