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As the complexities in manufacturing processes continue to grow, more OEMs are looking to partner with suppliers who will help them create their new products. Alexandria Industries gives product design engineers a competitive advantage, by offering diverse manufacturing processes and solutions for their product development needs. Our service offerings provide customers a multifaceted, one-stop-shop supply chain.

With our diverse manufacturing processes and solutions, industry-leading technology, and a skilled workforce, we help customers create the best products, improve time to market, and grow their competitive advantage.

Our certified raw materials, automated extrusion presses, product handling systems and personalized service, offer the ideal environment to create precision aluminum extrusions.

When it makes sense for someone else to put together the pieces, we have the efficiency and know-how to do product assembly right.

From cut-to-length, to simple punching, we can assure you that your extrusions will fit your every need.

After creating your custom components, we can provide a variety of finishing services, such as anodizing, painting and plating, saving you time and money.

Mechanical finishing solutions include buffing, brushing, bead blasting, and tumbling.

Your product’s end-use helps us determine the finishing method best suited for your components.

Our programmable stretch-former curves aluminum parts, and our rotary and push benders provide uniquely formed extrusions with the tightest tolerances.

We offer quality custom heatsinks and more than 225 stocked heat sink profiles. Many heat dissipation solutions for a range of product applications.

Our CNC machines and skilled operators will always go the extra mile to meet your needs for precision component machining.

Turning, grinding, honing, broaching, and punching round out our machining services.

We produce innovative injection molding product solutions, with the tightest tolerances.

Polyurethane molding offers the flexibility to design in properties that are nearly impossible to capture with other materials and substrates.

Our welders can meet quick-turn, overruns and small to high-volume TIG and MIG welding for a range of applications.

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