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Good news! The staff at Alexandria Industries will design a custom and cost-effective packaging configuration to fit your requirements! Here are samples of our custom packaging capabilities.

Inside Packaging Options

Layered - Cardboard
Interweave - Foam
Custom Egg Carton Type Cell
Final Package (Retail Ready)
End Caps - Cardboard
  • Part-on-part (bundled)
  • Layered
    • Part-on-part
    • Separated layers with paper or cardboard
    • Interweave (separate all metal)
      • Paper
      • Foam
  • Poly bagged
  • Custom end-caps
    • Cardboard
    • Foam
  • Custom egg carton type cell
  • Custom foam inserts
  • Kitting
  • Custom final packaging (retail ready)

Outside Packaging Options

  • Dunnage
  • Pallet
  • Stretch-wrapped
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard overwrap
  • Special custom crates

Package Labeling

  • Custom labeling
  • Barcode


  • Product use, visual requirements, the extrusion profile shape, and surface finish requirements define packing needs.
  • We discuss packing requirements when preparing your initial estimate.
  • Over-packing will increase costs and may not be needed for certain products.
  • Custom options will reduce the risk of damage in transit.
  • Consider distance of shipment and shipping method in the packing scheme.
  • Quantity of product shipped at one time may effect the method of shipment.
  • Consider international shipping needs during initial estimate.
  • Reusable options available.
  • We use recyclable and recycled materials whenever possible.

Providing you great service is our goal. To accomplish this, your products need to be delivered to your dock in excellent condition. By taking the time to clearly understand your needs, we can assure you that the selected packaging solution is ideal for your products. Contact us today to discuss your needs and all of the options available for shipping your finished components.

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