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Timing is Everything

Our manufacturing experts will provide you with the technical support you need, and industry knowledge you want, to help you create revolutionary and extraordinary products. When you partner with Alexandria Industries, our experienced manufacturing team members will work with you to create ideal product manufacturing solutions that exceed marketplace expectations.

Our team will go above and beyond to deliver real cost savings for your product development needs. We do this through low initial tooling outlay, shortened manufacturing lead times, and a focus on continuous improvement and quality.

Serving as an extension of your resources, we assure you we will be good stewards of your investments in Alexandria Industries.

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Recognizing the unique consumer and regulatory demands of the marketplace, we have assembled an experienced team of professional engineers, manufacturing experts and market specialists to work with each discreet market in which Alexandria Industries serves.

Whether you are designing a new product or modifying an existing product to make it better, our team collaborates with you to optimize its design flexibility and feature functionality.

Our engineers get involved with you early in the design stage to provide guidance and create manufacturing solutions based on your part's essential functions and how it interacts with and impacts other parts of the whole. They will evaluate your part's aesthetics, durability and weight requirements, and work with you to ensure your product tolerances and dimensional specifications are manufacturable.

Once you finalize your design, we share it with our manufacturing team members, including our in-house fabrication tooling department and die shop, certified machinists, and quality control specialists.

Accepted file formats include: (.fldprt), (.igs), (.stp), (.slddrw), (.sldprt), (.sldasm), as well as (.dwg), (.drw), (.dxf), (.prt), (.ipt).


Ready to Start a Project?

We can help you get started and determine what your product solution might look like.