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So Many Things to Talk About!

To serve as a leader in the manufacturing sector, it is critical that Alexandria Industries share news that is important to our customers and industry partners. The articles below – featured in national, regional, local, business and trade media – offer expert, third-party insight into industry trends and issues.

Learn how we help:

  • Manufacturers and design engineers discover new ways to create innovative product development solutions
  • Educate customers about industry issues
  • Develop our future leaders
  • Change the beliefs people may have about working in manufacturing to help fill the skills gap

Happy reading!

Great Careers in Manufacturing

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt | August 3, 2018
skilled workforce alexandria industries

Featured on NBC Nightly News, Alexandria Industries brings the skilled worker shortage issue to a national news level. Tariffs or no tariffs, there is a skilled worker shortage in the U.S., and without addressing the issue, it may evolve into a national crisis. For many years, Alexandria Industries has been creating solutions for this problem. One conversation at a time, we will continue to educate others about working in manufacturing and the great career opportunities it offers.  

Manufacturers Increase Efforts to Woo Workers to Rural Areas

The New York Times | August 3, 2018
Alexandria Industries, shortage of skilled workers

They call it the “Not So Heavy Metal” tour. It’s a lighthearted effort by Minnesota-based Alexandria Industries to introduce middle and high school students — as well the general public — to manufacturing.

While the name is humorous, it belies an issue that is anything but. The component manufacturing company, with about 550 employees roughly two hours north of the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, faces an acute problem affecting many rural manufacturers: a shortage of workers to fill skilled and unskilled positions.

Goin' to the Lake: Alexandria Industries

WCCO TV (CBS) | July 27, 2018
Alexandria Industries, manufacturing careers

WCCO TV's (CBS) Pat Kessler and Esme Murphy visited Alexandria Industries during their 'Goin To The Lake' series. The two reporters toured our facility at 401 County Road 22 NW in Alexandria, and learned about what we do. We discussed our job openings, and the work we are doing to grow our future workforce by showing students the great careers they can have working in manufacturing.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Echo Press | February 10, 2018
Fishing For the Cure, Alexandria Industries, Relay For Life of Douglas County

Thumbs Up: Here's a "thumbs up" to Alexandria Industries for organizing another "Fishing for the Cure" Ice Fishing Tournament that raises money for the American Cancer Society. The event, which will take place Saturday, Feb. 17 on Smith Lake, has grown by leaps and bounds.

Fishing For the Cure

Echo Press | February 9, 2018
Fishing For the Cure, Alexandria Industries, aluminum extrusion, relay for life,

Smith Lake anglers on Saturday, Feb. 17, will not only be trying to pull in walleyes, but raising money to fight cancer. Organizers say the Fishing For the Cure Ice Fishing Challenge will seek to raise $50,000 for cancer this year. In 2017, the group exceeded its $30,000 goal by pulling in $38,000 for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life of Douglas County.

Inside the Shift Toward Fitness in Minnesota Workplaces

Twin Cities Business | December 6, 2017
Alexandria Industries, aluminum extrusion

On-site and near-site clinics, along with wellness programs, are producing good results for employees of Minnesota companies. Lynette Kluver didn't realize it at the time, but a joke she made during a business meeting would change people's lives and her employer's bottom line.

Manufacturing Adds Punch to Local Economy

Echo Press | October 17, 2017
manufacturing, alexandria industries, manufacturing jobs

It's time to celebrate an industry that's a powerful contributor to the economies of Minnesota and Douglas County — manufacturing. October 1-7 is Minnesota Manufacturing Week for a reason. Manufacturing accounts for one in nine jobs in the state. When you add in jobs in other industries that are dependent on manufacturing, each manufacturing job generates another 2.21 jobs in other segments of the economy.

Growth of Green Energy Sector Surges in Minnesota

Star Tribune | October 1, 2017
solar-energy, alexandria industries, aluminum extrusion

Alexandria Industries, which designs and makes aluminum industrial products, doesn’t look like an “alternative-energy” company. However, about 10 percent of its 400 employees in Alexandria, Minn., produce aluminum arrays for the fast-growing solar-energy industry.

North American Extrusions Market

Aluminium International | September 1, 2017
alexandria industries, aluminum extrusion, north american extrusion market

The North American extrusions market, which has been seeing slow but steady growth for the past eight years, seems as it it will continue on a similar trajectory at least for the next year or so despite all of the political uncertainties that could potentially affect it. Year over year growth for U.S. and Canadian aluminium extruded products demand has been relatively...

More Minnesota Factories Convincing Employees to Work Past 65

Star Tribune | July 17, 2017
Alexandria Industries, aluminum extrusion, die correction

Roger Klug started talking about retirement as he neared age 65 a few years ago, but his bosses wouldn't hear of it.

Klug had been the 13th employee at the company, Alexandria Industries, when he joined in 1971. He had unique skills from the start, when he was the only one who "corrected" aluminum extrusion molds by grinding away precise slivers — by hand — until the mold met specifications. Over the years he excelled at picking up the newest technologies.