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community involvement

We Stand Committed!

We are people making a difference!

Being supportive and involved in the communities where we live, work and play is top-of-mind for our company and our employees. We are happy to support the following courageous non-profit organizations — Relay For Life,  United Way, our Benevolent Fund, and YMCA.

Values Drive Our Actions

Our employees are the key to our success. The values that drive their actions at work are clearly apparent in their personal lives too. That is why every employee receives 8 hours of PTO to use to support the areas that are important to them.

Here is just a brief list of the organizations and events that some of our employees give their time and talents to.

People Making a Difference

As you can see, "People Making a Difference" is more then a marketing tagline. It is the core of our company's values and beliefs and a huge part of our continued success.