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Precision extrusions start with certified aluminum alloy material. Choosing the best aluminum alloy material is the first critical step toward ensuring your project is successful.

Choosing Aluminum Alloy Material

Choosing the best aluminum alloy is an extremely important step in the product development process. Some alloys extrude at a faster rate, some are easier to bend, and some are a better fit for certain machining processes. These factors are critical to selecting the best alloy for your product manufacturing needs and end use. If you're considering 6061 versus 6063, for instance, our staff will assist you in evaluating the variables that can affect your product's final look and feel and functionality. They are here to help you choose the correct alloy.

The certified aluminum alloy material we extrude at Alexandria Industries are in the 6000 series. These includes 6005A, 6060, 6061, 6063, and 6360 aluminum alloys. When requested by our customers, we have the ability to extrude other 6000 series alloys, as well.

Because of our focus on innovation, as well as our reputation for quality manufacturing, we are periodically selected by our suppliers to test new alloys in development. This means that the list of alloy options we use has a tendency to grow.

Types of Billet

We extrude primary billet and secondary billet, which is also Chooknown as recycled billet. For more information on alloy selection and the type of billet you should choose, visit our technical guides.

The Aluminum Extruders Council also offers its annual Aluminum Extrusion Manual to help design engineers choose the best aluminum alloy for your product development needs.

Aluminum Alloy Material

At Alexandria Industries, we make relationships with our raw materials suppliers a priority. Often times, our customers need products within three-to-five business days, which means we have to be able to rely on our suppliers to quickly provide an ample supply of raw material.

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