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Doing What's Right – Our Commitment

Working toward sustainability, we have implemented countless environmentally safe solutions within our facilities and business operations. We use energy efficient lighting. We recycle and reuse machine coolants, as well as quench water. We recycle paper and ink cartridges in our office areas. And we are always on the lookout for new ways to reduce our overall carbon footprint. We make it a priority to keep a good pulse on our environmental impact, as a company and as individuals.

Ahead of the Game

We have participated in many energy efficiency assessments. We are proud to say that the improvement recommendations are usually minor, mostly because the correct processes, equipment, and programs are already in place. We take a forward-looking approach to doing what's right, for the environment, our customers, and our employees.

To seek sustainability beyond our own operations, we provide added-value options to our customers to make environmentally sound decisions.

  • We offer secondary extrusion billet as a material resource to our customers. Producing this billet requires 95% less energy than primary billet. It is important to know that secondary billet produces high quality extrusions with little or no difference from primary billet.
  • We work closely with customers requiring cradle-to-cradle product certification assistance.
  • Our injection molding capabilities have allowed for the opportunity to regrind raw material in-house and reuse it with virgin material (at the proper ratios) so that there is little to no scrap in production.
  • We recycle all end-of-life aluminum extrusion dies, which are made from steel.
  • When possible, we reuse incoming boxes and packing materials for our internal packaging needs.
  • We also repair broken pallets to reuse when possible.
  • We reuse many customer shipping containers.
  • All aluminum scrap is remelted to billet to be used again.