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Spotlighting Our Services

At Alexandria Industries, we look forward to learning about your product development needs, Alexandria Industries, product manufacturing services, aluminum extrusion, machining and determining efficient and cost-effective ways to help you get there. We also appreciate when customers and prospects are curious to learn about our manufacturing processes and capabilities, which is why we wanted to focus on spotlighting our services.

What Can We Do?

If you like a good story, you can quickly get to know us by reading, “The Art of Being Nimble.” Here you can learn about our business strategies, manufacturing services, customer relationships, and employee development.

Or you can read our success stories to see real-life examples of creative alexandria industries manufacturing capabilities, aluminum extrusion, machiningmanufacturing solutions.

Finally, in our online newsroom, check out the stories covering Alexandria Industries. The content includes articles, white papers, and technical guides covering key industry trends and issues important to your work.

What's the Big Deal?

Like our ability to create custom products, much of our editorial content shows OEMs and design engineers ways to lower product development costs, speed time-to-market, reduce freight machining, aluminum extrusion, extrusion profilecosts and simplify their supply chain.

Topics include tips on aluminum extrusion dimensioning and tolerancing, along with our machining, plastic injection and foam molding, and TIG and MIG welding capabilities. Most importantly, the topics center on designing for manufacturability. Other information includes news on current events, such as tariffs and the shortage of skilled workers, as this New York Time's article discusses.

We are here to help you make quality products. We are committed to bringing you solutions by finding the right tools and services to meet your needs.