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Your solution for custom
aluminum extrusions

State-of-the-art Aluminum Extrusion and Fabrication Services

The best product manufacturing requires a true understanding of the end user's needs. Our high quality and certified aluminum materials, automated extrusion presses, and Kevlar handling system, provide an ideal environment to develop precision aluminum extrusions that will help you get there. At Alexandria Industries, you will experience personalized service, and quality manufacturing that is above all others.

The Aluminum Extrusion Presses

Four presses give us the capability to run high-volume, small and large extruded aluminum shapes with precision, and tight-tolerance capabilities.

  • 3.5 inch diameter Youngstown 550 ton aluminum extrusion press
  • 7 inch diameter Youngstown 1800 ton aluminum extrusion press
  • 7 inch diameter Loewy 1800 ton aluminum extrusion press
  • 10 inch diameter Farrel 3500 ton aluminum extrusion press

The Balance Intensive Cooling System

Our Balance Intensive Cooling System (BICS) offers immediate air and water quench of an aluminum extrusion profile, preserving the extrusion profile characteristics, mechanical properties, and tolerances.

The Dual Puller-Handling System

To manufacture precise aluminum extrusions, we use a Dual Puller-Handling System that relies on a profile's complexity and weight and press ram speed to maintain a steady pull-force on the extrusion as it exits the press. The system benefits include:

  • Reduced dead cycle time from billet to billet
  • Improved straightness of extruded product
  • Minimized scrap
  • Improved overall yield throughout the manufacturing process

Aluminium extrusionCustomized extrusions to fit your specific needs

Our list of capabilities continues to grow, which helps reduce your overall costs and product cycle times by fulfilling many, if not all, of your custom extrusion needs.

Stretch Forming and Bending – If your aluminum extruded shapes requires bending or stretch forming, we know you will be impressed with our precise fabrication services to meet your curved extrusion product needs.

Precision Machining – Many of our customers need detailed precision CNC machining to customize components to meet their product application needs. We are here to assist with all of your needs.

Aluminum Fabrication – From a simple punch to cut-to-length to complex precision machining, we can provide the service you need to fit your product development and high volume needs.

Finishing – Anodizing, ExtremEtch, painting, plating, heat treating, or mechanical finishing are just a few of the finishing options available from Alexandria Industries.

Heat Sinks – We know how important heat dissipation products are to many of our customers today. Our experts are happy to assist you with the requirements you need to make your products stand above the competition.




"Alexandria Industries has met all of our requested requirements. The personnel we have dealt with have been very accommodating and professional. Each of you have an understanding of our product demands and have sought to meet all of them. Keep up the good work!"

Purchasing Leader
Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Manufacturer