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More Minnesota Factories Convincing Employees to Work Past 65

Star Tribune | July 17, 2017
Alexandria Industries, aluminum extrusion, die correction

Roger Klug started talking about retirement as he neared age 65 a few years ago, but his bosses wouldn't hear of it.

Klug had been the 13th employee at the company, Alexandria Industries, when he joined in 1971. He had unique skills from the start, when he was the only one who "corrected" aluminum extrusion molds by grinding away precise slivers — by hand — until the mold met specifications. Over the years he excelled at picking up the newest technologies.

Workplace Health Clinics

Precision Manufacturing | July 1, 2017
Alexandria Industries, aluminum extrusion

As a full-service manufacturer of aluminum extruded and precision-machined components, Alexandria Industries never imagined its capital equipment would one day include an exam table and a blood pressure machine. But significant increases in medical premiums and expenses over the last several years prompted the company to take action.In September 2016, Alexandria Industries became one of a handful of manufacturers in Minnesota to open its own independent health clinic.

Minnesota Manufacturing Registers Solid Growth in May

Star Tribune | June 2, 2017

Factories in Minnesota, across the Midwest report sixth month of expansion

Minnesota Manufacturers are Confident About Growing Economy

Star Tribune | May 31, 2017

Across industries in Minnesota, optimism is rising with the economy.

Commentary: Small Manufacturers Pack Big Punch

Echo Press | April 20, 2017

When most Minnesotans think about manufacturing, they likely visualize big companies like Polaris or 3M. These are great companies, to be sure, but they represent only a tiny fraction of Minnesota's manufacturers. The vast majority are small and medium-size businesses. Consider this...

Alexandria Industries Achieves 50 Year Milestone

Light Metal Age | April 19, 2017

In October 2016, Alexandria Industries, headquarters in Alexandria, MN, celebrated its 50th year of business as a leading aluminum extruder. In addition to aluminum extrusion, the company provides a number of value-added services, ranging from machining to injection molding. Over the years, the company has served a range of industries and maintained its success through transformation and growth.

Fishing for a Cure Helps Cancer Fighters

Echo Press | February 19, 2017

Anglers didn't just catch fish at the 11th annual Alexandria Industries' Fishing for the Cure tournament on Smith Lake Saturday. They caught warm rays of sunshine.

20 Under 40 Named by Alexandria Chamber of Commerce

KXRA Voice of Alexandria | January 6, 2017

The Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and the Echo Press are proud to announce this year’s Top 20 Under 40 Young Professionals in the Alexandria area. Each nomination was judged on the individual’s community involvement, professional skills/accomplishments, and their depth of qualities.

Alexandria Industries Celebrates 50 Years

Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation | December 6, 2016

ALEXANDRIA, MN — Alexandria Industries is celebrating its 50th year of doing business as an aluminum extruder and provider of precision-engineered products. The company has found success over the years by serving a range of industries through decades of transformation and growth.

Navigating the Racking and Mounting Supply Chain

Solar Industry Today | December 1, 2016

There are myriad factors [solar] racking and mounting providers should consider when choosing a manufacturing partner...