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Anodizing is an electro-chemical process that forms a durable, porous oxide film on the surface of your aluminum extruded products. While aluminum offers its own natural oxide layer to resist corrosion, the chemical anodize finish adds another layer of protection. The additive process further enhances your products' durability and final look and feel.

To anodize an aluminum extruded profile, it must be immersed in a tank containing an acid-based electrolyte. A current is then passed through the solution, carefully controlling the temperature of the electrolyte. While the aluminum extruded profile serves as the anode, the electrolyte releases oxygen ions on the surface of the profile. The oxygen immediately combines with the surface aluminum to form a hard aluminum oxide film.

Why Anodize?

Here are some valuable reasons why you might want to anodize your aluminum extruded components.

  • Improved overall appearance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Enhanced heat dissipation
  • Increased lubricity
  • Dielectric strength
  • Color stability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Aesthetics and appearance

Color Options

Type II

Clear (natural), black, blue, red, pewter*, gold*, purple*, grey*, green*

Type III

This type of anodize creates a natural color that varies from a light brown to a dark gray. The final color will depend on alloy selection, temperature of tanks, etc. Type III black is an option, but this requires an additional process to attain.

*Supplier base

Type III (Hardcoating / Hard Anodizing)

Hardcoating, also known as a hard anodizing process, is performed at high current densities and low temperatures. Sometimes additives are mixed into the electrolyte to produce a denser, more abrasion-resistant oxide film. Hardcoating imparts high wear resistance to the product.

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