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Our Unique Finish

ExtremEtch™ produces an evenly distributed matte finish on the surface of your components. The process allows us to avoid sacrificing the high-tolerance features most engineers need for their aluminum extrusion product designs.

The benefits of this unique finish include, but are not limited to, the ability to hold the tightest tolerances.

This proprietary chemical finish, give us a unique advantage over our competitors, while also giving our customers' products their own competitive advantage.

Aluminum alloys in the 6000 series will see the best results with this chemical finishing option.

Advantages of ExtremEtch

  1. Uniform finish
  2. Deep matte finish
  3. Minimal reflectivity levels
  4. Very low gloss reading levels
  5. Hides marks, scratches and abrasions
  6. Tolerance control with process repeatability
  7. Significant reduction of material removal (threaded holes, critical I.D. and O.D. dimension)
  8. Eliminates costly secondary mechanical finishing operations such as media blasting (i.e. - sand blast, bead blast, ceramic blast, glass blast, etc.)
  9. Eliminates Ghosting, a direct result of process variance and residues of media blasting.