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Jose's Story

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"Because of the high cost of raising my family in Southern California, I decided to relocate to Alexandria, MN, for a better life and a good jobMoving here naturally had its challenges. But my family and I have found a great place to live, work, play and prosper.

Alexandria Industries is a manufacturer that makes parts for products people see and use every day. It offers employees many opportunities to take on new tasks and responsibilities. This is helping me grow. Not just my skills, but my knowledge too. I am excited to see what my future brings working here!

For anyone looking to move for a great job and a beautiful place to live, I encourage you to consider Alexandria, MN, and Alexandria Industries. You might not know where you will fit, but I assure you that the people here truly care about helping anyone who needs it. They are happy to help you learn everything you want to learn to create the best life for you and your family!" 


Jose's Favorite Benefits

  • Health/Dental/Vision Insurance
  • A.I. Family Health & Wellness Clinic
  • Work/Life Balance

Relocate to Alexandria MN | Work for Alexandria Industries

After moving from San Diego to Alexandria more than two years ago, Jose and his family have settled into their new community. His wife and older daughter have great jobs and the younger children have adjusted well to their new schools.

Jose will tell anyone looking to move for work and a better life to come here! He recognizes it wasn't easy to move, but the benefits for his family have been totally worth it. Alexandria has everything they need. Minus the stress of living in an overcrowded metro area with high crime and few job openings.

The sense of peace and safety Jose now feels is what it's all about. His commute to work takes 10 minutes and his family gets to live in a community with people who are eager to help others. In fact, they received coats, hats, gloves AND boots, so they would be warm and safe in the cold Minnesota winters. Jose also values the extra time he has to spend with his family, enjoying many fun activities, such as biking, swimming and snow sledding!

Move here. Work here. Raise your family here.