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manufacturing myths

Manufacturing myths are the misperceptions that people believe when they think about working in manufacturing. Manufacturing is more than just a job. It can be a lifelong, fulfilling and rewarding career.

The following are good examples of the myths that people believe today.

  • Manufacturing jobs are “dirty jobs.”
  • Manufacturing is a dangerous job.
  • Manufacturing employees are low-skilled, and have limited opportunities.
  • Manufacturing jobs are low-paying.
  • Manufacturing is a male-dominated industry.
  • Operating machine tools is a mindless job.
  • Manufacturing jobs are dead ends.
  • U.S. manufacturing can’t compete with China.
  • You can’t get a manufacturing job unless you have experience.
  • Manufacturing jobs are repetitive.
  • There are very few jobs in American manufacturing.
  • Nobody manufacturers in the U.S. anymore.
  • Government is terrible at supporting manufacturing.

Today, manufacturing is clean, safe, and well-paying. Employees are provided access to the latest advancements in technology, including intuitive robotics, automation and electronics.

Industry leaders are desperately seeking employees who are willing to not only learn new skills, but be willing to go all in. Manufacturing offers many opportunities to create new things, build new technology, and take advantage of all that industry has to offer.

Manufacturing in the United States of America is huge business and one of the highest contributors to our overall economy. Now is a great time to discover all that manufacturing has to offer.