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Maranda's Story

Relocate to Alexandria MN, work at Alexandria Industries, manufacturing jobs

"Losing my job during the pandemic forced me to reconsider my choice of employment. But I needed work that would pay well and have work/life balance so I had time for my family. Hearing about good manufacturing jobs available in Alexandria, MN, I decided I needed to consider relocating here.

Even though I knew nothing about the  manufacturing industry, I found a great job with consistent work hours and good pay! I enjoy the work I'm doing and I'm learning so many new things. I'm excited about living and working here. Alexandria Industries helped me find a silver lining in a life-changing situation! 

I also am living proof that anyone who wants to, can have a great career working in manufacturing at Alexandria Industries. The work is meaningful and not intimidating, as I thought it might be. You will earn enough to support yourself and have a great life! 

Maranda's Favorite Benefits

  • Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance
  • Alexandria Industries Family Clinic
  • Steady Employment Income
  • Family-focused Business

Relocate to Alexandria MN | Work for Alexandria Industries

Transitioning from the restaurant industry to manufacturing was an easy choice once Maranda understood what it would be like to work in this industry. She realized she could earn enough to support herself and her children, while also building a new career for herself. She's learned that working in manufacturing allows her many opportunities to grow by taking on greater responsibilities, while helping lead others to success.

Maranda and her family found Alexandria is a great place to live. Located in west central Minnesota, Alexandria has a top-notch school district for her children and all the amenities a family needs. The area also offers many family friendly events and outdoor recreational activities for her family to enjoy. She can't imagine being anywhere else!

You make the choice.