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Paula's Story

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"I was good with living in a larger city raising my children. Now they're grown, and I have more flexibility in my life. I took a new job working for a manufacturing company in Alexandria, Minn., and it has been one of the best decisions I've made!  

My field is Information Systems and Information Technology. I felt stuck in my old job and wanted a change to improve my knowledge and continue to grow my income, especially now that I am getting close to retirement. To my surprise, I've found that working in manufacturing gives me much greater opportunity to grow and exposes me to so many new and interesting things. I'm nowhere near ready to retire, I'm still having fun learning! 

Living in Alexandria, MN, is the 'icing on the lakes.' The wide open spaces and hundreds of lakes offer the perfect lifestyle for people who enjoy the outdoors and quietness. I wasn't looking to relocate, but I'm glad I did. I've made a great life for myself here!"

Paula's Favorite Benefits

  • Health/Dental/Vision Insurance
  • COBRA Insurance Continuation
  • A.I. Family Health & Wellness Clinic

Relocate to Alexandria MN | Work for Alexandria Industries

Familiar with West Central Minnesota by its tourism draw for lakes, nature and wildlife, Paula didn't know much about Alexandria, MN. It was just an exit off the interstate—a half-way point between between Fargo, ND and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

After relocating here, Paula will tell you that she gives the community of Alexandria the highest praise. It has all the big-city amenities she needs, but more importantly, she enjoys the natural beauty of the rural surroundings. She will tell you the people here are some of the best she's ever met. "Alexandria has the gift of community!" She has never met a more committed group of people dedicated to helping others and making a difference in our world.

The best thing of all is that she gets to work with these amazing people. She's come to realize what matters most at this stage in her life—her values. From her teammates to the company owners, the people at Alexandria Industries are real. What you see is what you get.

Her advice to other empty nesters looking to relocate but are not ready to retire: Come here. Work here! Then, retire here!

You make the choice.