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Being well is critical!

At Alexandria Industries, we care about the wellness of our employees. In fact, employee well-being is one of our core values.
We started with an informal wellness program. Here we encouraged employees to stretch every day and make sure their work stations were ergonomic.
We have since transitioned to a formal wellness program. This program focuses on our physical health – blood pressure, weight, blood sugar and cholesterol. We use these metrics to track any changes that may occur over time.
We use the trends to identify any health risk factors. These risks usually point to future chronic diseases, and bring awareness to areas we should work to address. High-risk employees are given the opportunity to meet with a dietitian, nurse or fitness instructor depending on the high risk area. These resources guide them to make informed and positive lifestyle changes. Resources like awareness of weight loss programs or tools available to help them stop smoking. Employees can take take ownership, and work to remove unhealthy lifestyle choices and turn them into personal accomplishments.
Every employee is given the opportunity to participate and determine what they most need to be healthy. Participants receive a discount on their health insurance premiums.
Most recently, we created Alexandria Industries Family Health & Wellness Clinic where we provide basic health care to our employees and their families. We are fortunate to be able to offer these benefits to our employees because we truly do care about each other.
Our health care and wellness initiatives are wildly successful. We get to take control of our health, get healthy and stay healthy.
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