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Rydell Robinson, Alexandria Industries, aluminum extrusion, machining, plant managerRydell Robinson, Plant Manager

Rydell Robinson is a perfect example of relying on bold determination to build your own career path.

Not one to wait for opportunities, Rydell wanted to focus his career on business operations. He landed his first role as an operations manager working for a credit card processing company in Orlando early in his career. After a few years, he and his wife decided to relocate their family to Alexandria, Minn. – 1,700 miles away – to raise their children and be close to extended family.

Rydell learned that the Alexandria area is known as a regional manufacturing hub with several well-regarded companies. His willingness to apply his operations management skills in a different industry brought him to Alexandria Industries. He began working on our aluminum extrusion press line, and quickly moved forward within the company, developing new skills within our different services, while also building his manufacturing knowledge base.

It was his servant leadership workstyle, forward-looking mentality and ingrained work ethic that lead Rydell to create his own career path. He went from working in production to leading teams and supervising others to serving as a plant manager.

When asked what he is most passionate about professionally, Rydell highlights his purpose: to inspire, empower, and bring happiness to others. He helps employees identify their talents and skills, and learn ways to align these characteristics with activities and roles that allow the employees and company to be successful. He is a natural at matchmaking—placing the right person in the right role to enable continuous achievements.

Known for living his values ‒ personal responsibility, honesty and integrity – Rydell cares about his work, the people he works with, and the company he works for. He realizes he will not live forever, but he wants to create something that will.


Rydell Robinson
Plant Manager
Direct: (320) 762-7620
Mobile: (320) 491-6857


“Demand Innovation is about not settling for less than your best work. When facing a seemingly unachievable goal, take small steps to achieve each piece or part of your goal. If plan A doesn’t work, there are 25 more letters in alphabet.” Rydell Robinson, Alexandria Industries