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Steve Schabel, President – Commercial and Centralized Services

As president of Alexandria Industries' Commercial and Centralized Services, Steve Schabel oversees the finance, organizational development, business integration, and commercial aspects of our business.

In thinking about the company's business value, Schabel recognizes that we manufacture parts for products that make a difference in people's lives. He understands our employees depend on Alexandria Industries for their livelihood and professional and personal well-being. This is why he strives to bring real-life meaning into every experience they encounter together.

Schabel spent his college summers becoming familiar with the processes and people at Alexandria Industries. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, he assisted with creating a new high-tech facility for the company, along with launching a new market-driven marketing and sales direction. He went on to earn his master's in business administration degree, with a marketing management concentration. Before his recent promotion to co-president, Schabel served as the chief sales and marketing officer, developing systems, processes, and branding and sales strategies, while helping to lead the company's revenue growth and expand its customer base.

Schabel brings creativity, vision and excitement to the Alexandria Industries team by looking beyond the horizon to create a picture, mindset and goals that contribute to the achievement of the organization’s strategic business objectives.

Schabel was an active member on the Aluminum Extruders Council’s marketing committee, and he enjoys supporting new initiatives in the industry.

“Supplier value is not what one thinks, but what one creates,” Schabel says.

Schabel passionately listens to the needs of others to understand their perspective as he seeks ways to bring about positive results in their journey – whether personal or business related.

Personal Highlights
Schabel enjoys spending time with his fantastic wife and three sons while doing activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, father/son retreats to the hunting cabin, biking and walking. Schabel believes that a life with challenges, both high and low, will give you experiences to share with your children to help them through their life’s journey. “Kindhearted, light-spirited and driven to get results,” is what Schabel would like to be known for.

Contact Information

Steve Schabel
President – Commercial and Centralized Services
Phone: (320) 762-6741

Demand Innovation

“It is the relentless drive to bring about innovation within our organization and to bring about customer focused solutions, services and engineering excellence that cannot be offered by our competition. We do this while always looking far enough ahead to make sure that the competition is unable to crowd our area of expertise.”

Steve Schabel, Alexandria Industries