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Todd McChesney, Director of Business Development

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Growing up in the “State of Hockey,” Todd McChesney relies on the nuances of his favorite sport – strategy, ingenuity and grit – to grow his skills and knowledge about the manufacturing industry.

Like seeing the efficiency of a hockey team passing the puck across the ice, Todd’s critical thinking creates breakaways to see where he can make process improvements. He focuses on strategic planning, collaborative teamwork, instilling operational excellence, and incorporating customer involvement to get the most from every player.

With a genuine and unwavering ability to easily engage with different people throughout an organization, Todd works to create a culture that encourages every person to develop innovative ways to make our business practices and manufacturing processes function better. He has an open-door policy for anyone with ideas about doing things differently.

Todd’s career spans more than three decades in growing company sales and revenue while developing innovative ideas that make work processes more efficient and product quality better. He most recently served as president for Minnesota-based Hutchinson Holdings LLC, helping to transform the company from a job shop to a manufacturer of repeatable, quality products.

His industry background includes engineering, sales, operations and management for Elk River Machine Company (Elk River, Minn.) McChesney holds a Bachelor of Science degree in manufacturing engineering technology and a master’s in business management.

Personal Highlights
Todd and his wife raised their two daughters in the northern outskirts of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Recently, he and his wife are making the transition to a small town just north of Alexandria. For the love of all that is hockey, Todd played competitively throughout his college career. He continues to manage and play league hockey and at pond hockey tournaments. He will continue to play for as long as his body allows it!

Contact Information

Todd McChesney
Director of Business Development
Phone: (320) 762-6741

Demand Innovation

“Demand Innovation requires an unrelenting curiosity to learn and try new things. We want to always think critically about the way something functions, looks, and feels to improve upon it. If we constantly challenge ourselves to grow, we avoid being complacent and missing opportunities to gain experience. Doing things better than anyone ever before, helps us stay ahead of our competition.”

Todd McChesney, Alexandria Industries