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Servant leadership

Dedication to Servant Leadership

First and foremost, to be a leader, you are not required to have a leadership title. But to be on the leadership team, you are required to understand and strive to become a servant leader. The definition of servant leadership is someone who has the opportunity to lead others to a place they may not get to on their own.

Servant leaders learn how to step into accountability to become the leader they want to be, and model our organization's values and the behaviors that support these values. We think our culture is pretty special and we believe our commitment to servant leadership is what makes our work environment stand apart from many others.

Principles of Servant Leadership

Time-tested truths of effective leadership, and the positive impact they can have on individuals and organizational success, are found within these five tenants of a servant leader:

  • Building the foundation allows a servant leader to see the future and implement plans to see it come to fruition.
  • Leaders have a responsibility to build the energy by engaging and developing people.
  • A servant leader needs to clearly define expectations for performance and then hold individuals and teams accountable. They raise the bar, build the performance and always strive toward improvement.
  • Servant leaders need to value relationships and get to know the individuals on their team.
  • A servant leader builds personal character by embodying the values and behaviors of the organization, and supports and models the culture of the organization.

Alexandria Industries provides an environment where anyone with a desire to grow spiritually and in their knowledge of servant leadership will have the opportunity to become a servant leader through training and open forums.

Everyone's Doing It

All employees participate in a mandatory two-hour training session that explains our organizational commitment to servant leadership. Here they learn what they, as employees, and our customers and our stakeholders, should expect from anyone in a leadership position. They learn ways to hold every person in a leadership role accountable.

Most importantly, our servant leadership training provides employees with the insight they need so that they can work toward changing their lives for the better by serving others in all that they do every day.