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Machining Lineal Aluminum Extrusions

Meeting the need for automated machining of lineal aluminum extrusions.

Many components we make for customers are machined and cut from long lineal aluminum extrusions. To decrease the need to use multiple machines and processes, while reducing the number of times a production worker handles a part, our team of engineers designed a new machine—an Automator.

The machining capabilities for this proprietary equipment are impressive.

What is an Automator?
Specially designed equipment by Alexandria Industries capable of automatically executing multiple long lineal aluminum extrusion alexandria industriesfabrication processes to lineal aluminum extrusions in one continuous auto-advance motion. These multiple automated processes can include up to five different operations (with sets of tooling for each), plus sawing capabilities.

What are the ideal jobs for this equipment?
Unique, high volume, non-hollow-shaped components. Shapes can be ¼-inch to 20 feet in length, and up to 10 inches wide. Fabrication that requires multiple functions, e.g., cut to length, drill, punch, tap, and simple assembly, before shipment.

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Automators are ideal for high volume, non-hollow-shaped components needing multiple machining functions. Component sizes can range from ¼-inch to 20 feet in length, and up to 10 inches wide.

What value does the Automator bring?
The equipment speeds production by automatically advancing lineal extrusions through multiple fabrication processes, reducing the need for multiple machines to perform separate processes. Its embedded automation technology enhances repeatability, while also reducing the need for workers to touch components many times. Total volume output usually exceeds what a typical CNC could produce.

What type of tooling is required?
Tooling for this equipment takes longer to design and build because of its complexity. Fixtures are custom-built based on profile design. Because this equipment performs multiple processes, there are usually multiple pieces of custom tooling required. This can increase tooling costs, especially when compared to tooling for typical CNC machining processes. But the advantages of the process and speed of these machines overcomes the increased cost of tooling in a short period of time.

Are there any challenges to be aware of?
Because of its complexity, tooling for an Automator requires longer lead times.

What else do customers need to know about our Automators?
Our team at Alexandria Industries designed this equipment to speed production rates for machining lineal aluminum extrusions. Automators can be the resource for manufacturing services not easily found with other suppliers. It is just one example of our commitment to innovation. We believe that just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean we can’t do it. We like a good challenge.