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Making Dreams Come True

It's not every day we get a call from someone asking if Alexandria Industries can help fulfill their dream. With good fortune, we received such a call from an engineer at Hot Wheels® asking if we could help him break a record by building the world’s longest toy racetrack.

racetrackReliving their childhood dreams, our team of engineering and manufacturing experts happily worked with the prospective customer to determine the racetrack requirements and create a plan of action to manufacture it.

We used aluminum extrusion and bending tool technology to create the 1,494 straight and curved toy racetrack sections, paying extremely close attention to the design dimensions and tolerances to ensure that each section would fit together perfectly when it was assembled on the front straightaway of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Remaining true to the toy’s racetrack design, the track pieces were powder coated in the iconic Hot Wheels orange.

Bringing us back to the days of our youth, where we assembled our Hot Wheels racetracks in the middle of our living room floors, we dug through old toy chests to find our favorite Hot Wheels cars. We used the cars to test the racetrack to make sure they fit the track dimensions and ran smoothly over the surface.

Fully assembled, the four, one-mile-long racetracks were featured at the Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver Championship, held during the Indy 500 race weekend. One of the Hot Wheels racecars reached a top speed of 9.07 mph, equal to 580 mph for a life-size scale racecar.


With teamwork, a lot of fun, and one dream at a time, Alexandria Industries continues to provide innovative solutions for our customers. We were excited to be a part of making the world’s longest toy racetrack and it was an added bonus to bring smiles to everyone involved in the championship race.