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Commitment to Excellence

Nothing is more frustrating…

Nothing is more frustrating than your manufacturer marking up your prints after you have spent countless hours preparing them for an upcoming project. At Alexandria Industries, we want our customers to understand the reasons behind any of our recommended print changes. The following are the main reasons you may receive markups on your prints.

We will not deviate on our commitment to quality and ISO 9001. We will do a design review to:

  1. Evaluate the design intent of the part and any mating components.
  2. Ensure the parts are drawn and toleranced accordingly to manufacturing process.
  3. Look at any issues and work to make your parts manufacturable, that the correct material has been chosen, assess any possible machining issues, and understand finishing requirements including anodize and paint.
  4. Analyze customer specifications, government specifications or industry specifications etc. to ensure compliance.
  5. Consider any CPK value requirements, capability studies and PPAP requirements during the review to also ensure compliance.
  6. Recommend changes that will save costs whenever possible
  7. Determine if the title block tolerances will be able to be held consistently. (If a previous extruder or machine shop that you sourced your components from in the past state that they were able to hold them, yet we take exception to them, we can benefit from seeing the parts to understand if they meet your specification.)
  8. Identify run out surfaces on all extrusions and cosmetic areas. If you have not specified one on your print, this will be required to ensure the parts meet your cosmetic requirement.

The reason we take so much time up front, and hold ourselves accountable for accurate prints, are because of two of our values, commitment to excellence and integrity. The prints we approve, and produce your components to, will match your components. You have our word on that!  So be patient when working to get your prints finalized. If you start out with a bad process it’s hard to get good product out the other end. This will be for your benefit in the long-run.