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Living our Values

At Alexandria Industries, our shared values – integrity, faith, mutual respect, commitment to excellence and employee well-being – hold daily personal significance. They are more than just words painted on a wall. They are guidelines for our employees to live out every day. They guide us to do the right thing. They define how we go about our work together. They are our call to action to be our best.

But can we say for certain that we are living our values?

Because we strive to continually be our best, living our values will forever be an ongoing work in process. We talk about our values. We answer questions about them. We share examples of ways we have seen our coworkers live our values. These conversations help us better understand what our values really mean.

We discuss our values at every employee performance appraisal. We seek out behaviors that exemplify them. We cite examples about being honest, trustworthy and conducting ourselves in an ethical manner. We look for ways where we respect others and accept responsibility for our actions. We search for times when we are good stewards of the environment and when we strive for a personal commitment to excellence.

We also look at values alignment as prominent factors in recruiting and hiring new employees, along with opportunities to grow supplier and customer relationships.

At the heart of Alexandria Industries, is a compelling organizational culture that has been built on the foundations of integrity, faith, mutual respect, commitment to excellence and employee well-being. Our values have become a part of something bigger than us. We each put a personal stake into living our values so we can make a difference in the work we do here everyday.