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Rethinking Manufacturing

Doing things differently does not make us nervous or uneasy. It challenges us and gives us opportunities to find new ways to do things. We make the impossible, possible, by changing the way we think about manufacturing products.

Our customers appreciate working with us because we provide innovative solutions to meet their design and manufacturing challenges. When asked to do something other extruders might believe is technically impossible, our team evaluates every design aspect, researches every option and digs in to fully understand the customers’ needs and find a solution that will work.

While aluminum extruders continue to see increased product demand, and many are turning away business due to low or no capacity, we are making adjustments to meet the rising demand and satisfy customer needs. We simply adjust how we operate and do some things a little differently by:

  • Creating an “applications” team to perform in-depth assessments of critical production procedures and implement process improvements
  • Researching product details, and choosing lean, high-speed alloys to quickly produce the best product for our customers
  • Implementing statistical process control to reduce troubleshooting time if issues occur
  • Finding the best manufacturing fit by moving product/extrusions from one machine to another
  • Offering around-the-clock extrusion press operation by moving shifts to allow for additional capacity
  • Combining product orders to reduce set-up times to optimize the time needed to prepare press materials and reduce down-time between jobs

Our drive to do things differently continues to evolve. It gives us options to address the aluminum extrusion industry’s capacity issues. We do not rest or get stagnant. We are resourceful, and we continue to create new ways of doing things in every aspect of our work.

We will do whatever is possible to meet our customers’ needs. Thank you for being part of what we do every day. We are grateful and appreciate your trust in Alexandria Industries.