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Your Advantage. Our Market Leaders.

What is a Market Leader?

At Alexandria Industries, “market leader” means two different things.

  1. Our market leaders have expertise in particular industries. They are also knowledgeable about manufacturing processes and capabilities. What is unique about our market leaders, however, is that these individuals are fulfilling a sales role.
  2. A market leader is also a company that succeeds in selling products or services, and uses its strength to lead customers in the direction the market is heading.

While both types of market leaders are equally important at Alexandria Industries, we want to share information about the market leaders on our sales team, as well as the value they bring to you, our customers.

As a manufacturer of aluminum extrusions and machined, fabricated, welded metal, and plastic-injection molded components, we naturally seek best practices in everything we do. We constantly look for areas where we can excel.

Through our 50-plus years of producing components, we have found certain markets to be a perfect match for our services. Though many markets benefit from the engineered products we make for our customers, certain markets allow for additional advantages due to the type of manufacturing services they need. This is where our market leaders can bring you even greater value.

We created our first market leader role in 1982 for the computer disk drive market. We have refined this role over the years while discovering innovative production development solutions. Today, our skilled and knowledgeable market leaders specialize in solar, LED, medical, automotive, marine, and firearms/defense.

Bringing You More Value

The value you will experience in having access to our market leaders is easy to understand. Because of their combined product and market knowledge, our market leaders can serve as an extension of your team, providing answers to questions that may take additional time when working with individuals who are not as familiar with your market. They will also respond to your needs quickly to keep your work moving forward, generating greater trust within our relationship.

We are confident you will realize the benefits from working with our market leaders. They bring extensive manufacturing expertise, along with the following product and market knowledge.

Product knowledge:

  • Product end use
  • Mating component needs
  • Assembly needs
  • How manufacturing cells bring added value in time and cost savings
  • Tolerancing requirements
  • Best materials
  • Cosmetics, surface conditions, and finishing requirements
  • Best manufacturing processes and practices
  • Reduced production time
  • New product development understanding

Market knowledge:

  • Industry trends and issues
  • Industry regulations
  • New technologies
  • New materials
  • New manufacturing processes
  • Best practices
  • Optimal offerings for products with best possible match to A.I. capabilities
  • Connections in the market

Our market leaders give particular attention to keeping your information confidential – critical in any business relationship – even if they work with competing industry customers. You can trust that our market leaders will never disclose, with anyone, customer names, designs/drawings, product names, forecasts/volumes, patented processes, proprietary technologies, suppliers, program names, pictures, and new products. Your confidential information is always safe.

Mutual Goals

Our goal is to deliver quality components, on time, at a price worthy of the services provided. When you rely on our experts who specialize in your market and serve on your team, you will see the value they bring to your product development efforts. We assure you that working with our market leaders will bring you understanding and appreciation for their dedication―not only to the market, but to your success.

Whether we are talking about the market leaders on our sales team or being a market leader in industry, our goal is to help our customers be the leaders in their markets.