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See For Yourself

As you walk through the front door at any of our facilities, you will instantly notice a difference in the uniqueness of Alexandria Industries.

We say it often, “People making a difference.” But this sounds cliché. You might ask, “Is this really true?”

It is difficult to describe why we believe our people are making a difference, by just telling you about it in a newsletter article. The best way to understand what this really means is to experience it firsthand by coming to one of our facilities and watching what makes us different unfold right before your eyes.

From the minute you arrive, our receptionist will greet you warmly. She is expecting you and looks forward to chatting with you and making you feel welcomed.


When you take a tour of our facility to learn more about us, and what we do, you will meet many of our people who will greet you with the same enthusiasm.

Alexandria Industries’ employees are not shy. They will stop what they are doing to explain their work and why it is important for the products they are making. You will see them engaged and paying attention to the details that matter. They are happy to answer any questions you have and will leave you knowing that what you see is what you get. To them it really is about making a difference.


But some people might think this is hard to believe. That it does sound too good to be true.


You Can Believe In It

We believe nothing is more important than creating an organization formed from the hearts of the people who work here. It is easy for us to feel passionate at Alexandria Industries, because this is truly an environment where everyone is on the same team, the same page, the same planet.

We do not allow, or participate in, power struggles, because in that game no one wins. We do not talk badly about others or make people feel unworthy.

Alexandria Industries’ employees work side-by-side to determine not only the best thing to do for the company, but more importantly, the best thing to do for the customer. This also includes focusing on the best thing to do for their coworkers. We value each and everyone who works here, along with their input, contributions and innovations.


We treat each other fairly because it is simply the right thing to do. We are individuals who truly and deeply care for each other, who respect each other, and rely on each other. We enjoy spending time having fun together – even after our workday is done.

We like to think it is through our camaraderie, our values, our focus on faith, and our servant leadership mindset, that sets our people apart from other manufacturers. We understand that our teammates strive to do well and want to make a difference in the lives of others – coworkers, customers, and community ‒ and we provide them with an abundance of opportunities to make these differences.

Whatever the reason is, we assure you that when you visit any one of our facilities, you will know and understand exactly what we are saying about our people making a difference.

Our doors are always open. Come and experience the difference, it truly is something you have to see to believe.