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Precision Machining

We Do Machining

At Alexandria Industries, we have been performing precision machining for our customers since 1972. In fact, early in our company’s history, some customers thought we were a machine shop that happened to have an aluminum extrusion press.

Currently, we use more than 70 precision computer numerical control (CNC) machines throughout three of our ISO 9001:2008-certified facilities located in Minnesota and Texas. We have extensive experience machining 6000 and 7000 series aluminum, aluminum forgings, cast aluminum, grey iron, ductile iron, brass, and steel.

We can machine components up to 255 inches, and currently have 3, 4 and 5-axis machining centers. As product needs dictate and our machining centers allow, we employ cellular manufacturing systems that include machining, deburring, tumbling, washing, assembly and packaging within the specified cell centers. Our machining services also include stand-alone turning capabilities.

We use the latest in machine automation technology, from nine robotically tended CNC's to our Makino modular machining complex (MMC) and utilize many multi-functional sawing/machining centers.

A 10-person tooling team supports our precision machining capabilities, and eight degreed machinists make up our machining applications department. We also rely on our Quick Response Tooling Department specialists to design and develop our in-house tools and processes. We assign one toolmaker to design and build a tool, program the part, set it up and perform a capability study (targeting an internal CPK of greater than 1.33 to ensure continued success) on the part prior to releasing it to manufacturing. The toolmaker takes ownership, and pledges responsibility and control over that complete process from start-to-finish.


Our machining improvement technician team supports production using advanced Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) technology, along with other manual measurement tools, to measure part dimensions to ensure we meet our customers’ exact design specifications. We maintain electronic documentation of all measurement data for statistical process control analysis, troubleshooting and traceability.

Our various machine tool "platforms," allow for quicker job set-up and repeatability. Depending on customer need, we choose the platforms based on machine size/capability, and the required tooling concepts.

Through due-diligence and our dedicated staff, we are proud to deliver precision-machined components to our customers as quickly as possible every day.