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The Art of Welding

Changing the way we do things to help customers address their pain-points is common practice at Alexandria Industries. Especially, when we know the challenges they are facing involve sourcing products and services.TIG welding

With the ongoing shortage of skilled workers, many manufacturers continue to struggle to hire qualified welders. Besides adding new qualified welders to increase capacity and help customers, we are working to assure that our welding services achieve the quality standards you have come to depend on at Alexandria Industries. Welding, along with our aluminum extrusion, precision machining and metal finishing processes, allows us to offer customers a one-stop manufacturing supply chain.

The ability to weld aluminum is an art form. It requires a steady hand, and a dedication to focusing on details. We have trained our welders to hone their skills and understand the importance of achieving certification in welding.

Alexandria Industries’ welders today are certified on tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding per the AWS D1.2/D1.2M-2003 structural aluminum code. Next up, our welders will test for certification on metal inert gas (MIG) welding.

Certifications Vary

Manufacturers searching for welding services sometimes find themselves confused by certifications attained within welding. There is no one welding certification that qualifies a welder to weld anything. There are numerous possible weld combinations and various welding certification tests – structural, pipe, aerospace, and food service – based on the material type, thickness, and weld positions. The types of certifications also can vary, as do the types of welds performed to meet them.

To prepare for the certification testing, the welding setup itself must first be qualified. This means that if materials change, or the thickness and joins are in new locations, the procedure will require prequalification and additional testing.

Attaining certification requires welders to produce welds that meet pre-determined standards, under direct supervision by a certified inspector. To pass the inspection, the weld needs to be performed using a welding procedure specification (WPS), and meet x-ray or bend testing criteria.

Welding and More

At Alexandria Industries, we can extrude, machine, finish and weld your aluminum component systems.

Our welders are pushing boundaries every day. If you need a source to weld your component assemblies, contact our team to discuss your welding needs. Our certified welders can meet quick-turn, overruns and small to high-volume production orders to join your assemblies using TIG and MIG welding.

We are always looking at opportunities to expand our service offerings to meet our customer’s needs. If your product requires a specific type of welding certification that is not on our list of offerings, let us know so we take the necessary steps to discuss meeting your product requirements.