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Alexandria Welding

Alexandria Industries purchased Alexandria Welding & Manufacturing Co. in 2012. Located in in west-central Minnesota, the company is now known as Alexandria Welding and offers tungsten inert gas (TIG) and metal inert gas (MIG) welding services.

This further simplifies our customers' supply chain needs. For OEMs who struggle to find welding services, our expert welders can meet quick-turn, overruns and small to large quantity production orders.

Alexandria Extrusion MidAmerica

In 2012, we also acquired MidAmerica Extrusions, now Alexandria Extrusion MidAmerica. The larger 10-inch press size further expands our extrusion capabilities.

Providing the best service to our customers brought us to a new era at Alexandria Industries. Before 2012, each facility operated independently, providing manufacturing services to their customers. We have since realigned our operations and simplified our ordering process.

We are Alexandria Industries and our staff will work closely with you to ensure everything we make is exactly what you need. With one phone call, you can get information on our different services, place your order and receive your products from Alexandria Industries—no matter which facility manufactures them.