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20 Things to Consider when Selecting an Extruder

In today's economy, the last thing you need is a financially unstable aluminum extruder with inferior material, late deliveries, or no response to your specific needs. To ensure your manufacturing supplier provides solutions you need to develop your products, ask about the following criteria.

  1. Certified aluminum extrusion materials
  2. Business stability, reputation and experience
  3. Company growth
  4. Continued reinvestment in company
  5. Committed relationships
  6. Engineering design assistance
  7. Quality systems and documented processes
  8. Quick quote turnaround
  9. Vertical integration
  10. Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)
  11. Inventory turnover for increased customer profitability
  12. Minimized inventory liability
  13. Progressive automation strategies
  14. Strong strategic planning processes
  15. Data and process driven
  16. Values alignment
  17. Employer of choice within the community
  18. Continuous process improvement initiatives
  19. Commitment to industry leading tolerances
  20. Diversified product/service offerings

Our aluminum extrusion process starts with using the best raw materials, and relies on our experts who know aluminum extrusions and are committed to making components based on the needs of our customers. This involvement leads to ever-increasing efficiencies in product development, saving you money and time.

Our values, experience, and commitment to be the employer of choice allows us to have the right people involved to provide the solutions you need. From assistance in designing your products, to making sure delivery happens in the time-frame needed for your success, Alexandria Industries is your solution.

In times of uncertainty in many business operations, you can be assured we will be here now, and in the future. We are confident the relationship between your business and Alexandria Industries will be unique. When it seems that customer service is simply a bonus for many operations, you will come to know it as one of the ways we shine.

Give us a call today! Our experienced sales team is prepared to assist you with your products.