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Aluminum Extrusion Tooling Advantages

The ability for engineers to utilize a near-net shape process coupled with a list of superior physical characteristics, offers unsurpassed advantages through the aluminum extrusion process. Aluminum has numerous design advantages, in terms of physical and chemical characteristics as well as providing beneficial tooling advantages and reduced lead-times.

Process Typical Tooling Tooling Lead-Time
Aluminum Extrusion $1,000 - $2,500 10-14 days
Vinyl Extrusion $1,500 and up 21 – 24 days
Injection Molding $20,000 and up 42 – 56 days
including offshore
Die Casting $25,000 and up 56 – 84 days
Roll Forming $25,000 and up 70 – 84 days
Stampings (short run) $1,450 and up 49 – 56 days
Stampings (long run) $5,000 and up 49 – 56 days
Permanent Mold Casting $5,000 - $20,000 56 – 84 days
Sand Casting $1,500 - $5,000 14 – 28 days
Plastic Thermoforming $1,750 - $6,000 14 – 28 days

*Dependent on size and part complexities

The First To Market Always Wins

From prototyping to full production, no other process offers engineers faster turn-around from actual production tooling. While dies can be made in as little as a week or two, other processes such as roll form, injection mold, and die casting may require as much as 20 weeks. The best combination of product performance, quality, and cost is achieved when the customer, the product designer, and the aluminum extruder collaborate to develop the optimum product through innovative die designs with the ability to meet tight dimensional tolerances with minimal die deflection.

Alexandria Industries recognizes the importance of providing customers with more than just high quality, precision extrusions. As a full-service aluminum extruder, customers take advantage of a fully staffed in-house tooling department. Our degreed tool and die makers are involved from the initial design of every value added project. With 50 years of advanced tooling and die making experience, our customers have received aluminum extrusion tooling with minimal die deflections and achieved immediate success during the preliminary run of materials. Our die trials are among the highest success ratings within the industry at 95%.

We offer an in-depth aluminum extrusion seminar at your site to educate designers and engineers about extrusion design options and tooling philosophies. If you would like to discuss your design and tooling needs or learn more about the aluminum extrusion seminar, please contact your sales specialist.